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   by   Eminem
   by   Eminem
   by   Nicki Minaj
   by   Nicki Minaj
   by   Eminem
   by   Drake
  1. Over by Drake
  2. Umbrella by Rihanna
  3. Eminem - Lose Yourself by Eminem
  4. Ass Like That by Eminem
  5. Grown Man by Lil Wayne
  6. Me and My Goons by Plies
  7. Workout Plan by Kanye West
  8. Dr. Dre - Whats the Difference by Eminem
  9. Cradle 2 The Grave - Go To Sleep by Eminem
  10. The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss) by Eminem
  11. 16th Chamber ODB Special by Wu-Tang
  12. Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) by Wyclef
  13. Vacation by Young Jeezy
  14. Army Gunz by Lil Wayne
  15. Politics (Obama Is Here) by Ludacris
  16. Money by The Game
  17. Busta Rhymes - Ill Hurt You by Eminem
  18. Echo by Eminem
  19. Fighters by Lupe Fiasco
  20. Soulja Boy Tellem by Soulja Boy
  21. Self Esteem by Nelly
  22. Diary by Wale
  23. Girlfriend by Nicki Minaj
  24. International Players by UGK
  25. Red Velvet by Outkast