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   by   Eminem
   by   Eminem
   by   Nicki Minaj
   by   Nicki Minaj
   by   Eminem
   by   Drake
  1. Hyyer by KiD CuDi
  2. Over by Drake
  3. Eminem - Lose Yourself by Eminem
  4. The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss) by Eminem
  5. Porn Star by T.I.
  6. Idlewild Blue (Dontchu Worry Bout Me) by Outkast
  7. Blame It (On The Alcohol) by Jamie Foxx
  8. When Im Gone by Eminem
  9. Beautiful by Eminem
  10. Obie Trice - Hey Lady by Eminem
  11. Insane by Eminem
  12. Cradle 2 The Grave - Go To Sleep by Eminem
  13. Wake up Show Freestyle by Eminem
  14. Longest Yard - My Ballz by Eminem
  15. Cleanin Out My Closet by Eminem
  16. Gold Digger by Kanye West
  17. Not Afraid by Eminem
  18. Hero by Nas
  19. Diary by Wale
  20. International Players by UGK
  21. One And Only by Nelly
  22. A Milli by Lil Wayne
  23. End of Days - Bad Influence by Eminem
  24. Get Low by Lil Jon
  25. Neighbors Know My Name by Trey Songz