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Picture This Lyrics by Danity Kane
Song: Picture This
Artist: Danity Kane
Track Number: 11
Album: Welcome to the Dollhouse
 Danity Kane Picture This Lyrics
Picture This by Danity Kane

Picture this after a thousand words said
we still couldn't understand what was in each others heads

Complete,content,sunrise to sunset
so fly like stars we were everything I wish for

But yet you made time to speak your mind when I wasn't pleasing you (when i wasn't pleasing)

Took my love in vain I was bleeding (bleeding)

Lonely nights I held the pillow close
wishing i was squeezing you (squeezing)

Its crazy we can only see the bad times when we're together
(we can only see the bad times) and remember the good when we're apart

If we throw our love away does that bring us back to the start

Times heal all wounds but I can't rewind my heart

Is the flame not still there if seeing you ignites the spark (ignites the spark)

Picture this after a thousand words said
we could never understand what was in each others heads

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